Dec.6: Christmas party at restaurant Stockholm  

This year JMA Christmas party was held with more than 70 old and young people. 

We had a wonderful time doing games and charity auctions. The charity auction gave us very fun time twice and ended with fairy big funds for Minnesota Youth group activities.

Thank you for the donation to Ecolab, and Avenda and 3M company for providing us many valuable auction goods.  JMA also appreciated the support from the University of Minnesota Alumni Association and Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, University of Minnesota. 


Nov.19: Reception at U.S. Ambassador's residence by C. Kennedy 

JMA(Japan Minnesota Association) joined a reception of Ambassador Caroline Kennedy
Guests were alumni of major US universities, and Japanese high schools sending their students to US and so on. The US Embassy aim to promote increase bilateral exchange

by students between US and Japan following Obama-Abe agreement.




JMA is committed to the above objective through such activities as Ohanami to welcome exchange student and Minnesota Youth career development sessions

Sep.13: Minnesota Youth seminar

Minnesota youth seminar was originated by young people. They are related Minnesota someway and hope to communicate and develop their carrier through Minnesota Youth Seminar. The first seminar was held last Autumn, 2nd one was done this Spring. The 3rd was held by Meiji Univ. Prof. Ogasawara.

Jun.20: Summer Party 2015 

The JMA Summer party was held at Shinjuku Mitsui club. We had a lecture of new type of medical care and treatment for fat and metabolism by vice president of Yotsuya medical center. His lecture was easily understanding and valuable. This year, many young new comer attended the party through Minnesota Youth group network communication.  

April 4: Ohanami Party 2015

A fun cherry blossom party "OHANAMI 2015" was held on April 4 at Inogasira park (2 min walk from Kichijoji Station) including four University students  from Minnesota. It was a really great party! 

We worried about the weather, but the rain kept away while we were at the park. All of us enjoyed cherry blossoms, great foods, and lots of conversations.