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 Japan Minnesota Association(JMA) was initially founded in 1984 for Japanese alumni of the Unversity of Minnesota. Now, this JMA was opened to everyone who is interested in Minnesota. 

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Dec.10(Sun) Japan Minnesota Association Christmas Party: [here]


Oct 14(Sun) U of Minnesota Alumni Day of Service : [here]


Sep 23 Tea Ceremony : [here]

Everyone who are interested in, please join this party!


April 16 (Sun) Big10 Golf results: [here]


April 2 (Sun) Ohanami party report: [here]


Jan.17(Tue) "Employee Engagement" seminar report  

by Dr. Kenneth Bartlett, Prof of the University of Minnesota




Dec.04(Sun) Christmas Party

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July 9(Sat),10(Sun) Big10 Tohoku Sanriku tour

June 26(Sun): Summer party  

April 2(Sat):Ohanami party



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Dec.6(Sun): Christmas party at Restaurant Stockholm

Nov.19(Thu): Reception at U.S. Ambassador's residence by C. Kennedy

Sep.13(Sun): Minnesota Youth seminar

Jun.20(Sat): Japan Minnesota Association summer party

April 4(Sat): Cherry blossom party "Ohanami 2015"



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Date: December 7 (Sunday), 2014
Place: Stockholm (Swedish restaurant)

Big 10 Golf Tournament

Alumni of the University of Minnesota captured Big 10 Golf Tournament of Japan on November 8, 2014 at Karuizawa President Resort Golf Course. We won the championship for the first time since participating in the tournament in 2010.


*The 30th Anniversary Party of Japan Minnesota Association

  June 21, 2014 ( Saturday) 11:00-14:00

   Shinjuku Mitsui Club

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 * Go Minnesota! (Short & Semester study program)
* Join 100 years of Homecoming at Univ. of Minn.


(2013 report)     
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*Dec 8(sun) : Christmas party

    Place:"Akasaka Stockholm"   

* Sep 28(sat) : FBig 10 Golf competition
      Place: Karuizawa 
* July 21(sat) : Ammerica Expo 2013

      Place: Akihabara UDC hall
* July 28(sun) : Field trip to Mt. Takao

      Place: Mt. Takao

* June 16(sun) : Summer party(Annual meeting)
      Place: Piasis Shibuya Club

 * March 30(sat) : Ohanami party
       Place: Inogashira Park
* March/Mid. :  Published "Minnesota tsushin" on the WEB
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If you are just interested in Minnesota, please
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  Everyone who visited, studies, worked or just interested in Minnesota can join our events and talk about Minnesota buautiful spots, fan places, famous companies, colleges and universities. People who wants or paln to visit Minnesota, you might as well contact us. You might get some information from us and tell us your Mineesota visit stories. We all wanted to know and talk about Minnesota during cold winter life, beautiful spring, a little hot summer and yellow leaves fall.

This JMA(Japan Minnesota Association) is supported by all volunteer staff.

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