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The attache is to explain the role and the activities of (JMA) Japan Mineesota Association. This materials are used to explain JMA activities during the state of Minnesota governor Mr. Mark Dayton visited Japan in Sep. 2011.

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JMA Organization

 Harumi Iwanami : President  ( E-mail: hiwanami@gmail.com )

 Kenichi Yamaguchi : Vice President 

 Akira Nakamura : Vice President,

     Board Member of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association

 Akihiko Muramatsu : Community Relation Director

 Yasuo Fukuda : Auditor

 Koyo Minami : Treasurer, Director of the Minnesota Youth Seminar  

 Yasuhiro Takenaka : Organizer, Director of the Minnesota Youth Seminar  

 Marin Hara : Organizer, Director of the Minnesota Youth Seminar  

 Tomohiro Konno : Organizer, Editor of the "Minnesota Tsushin"  

 Shiori Nakamura : Organizer (Cultural event)

 Sumito Soichi : Organizer

 Mayumi Kaneko : Organizer

 Ichiro Katsuki : Community Relation Officer, UMAA division  

 Mina Takeshita : Community Relation Officer, Website & Youth Communications 

 Alexandra Ehret : Community Relation Officer, English language Division

 Masayuki Negishi : Community Relation Officer, Big10 Golf Division